Metal Roofing

Residential Metal Roofing

Metal roofing has been rising as a popular choice in the roofing industry. Many people choose metal roofs over other materials knowing it is proven to be sustainable, maintenance free and durable enough to hold up against the elements, including hail, high winds, lightning, and even fire. Our roofing materials are resistant to stains and are manufactured from 100% environmentally friendly recyclable parts. Metal roofing is a significant investment into a more permanent roofing solution, but will end up saving homeowners 3 times more as compared to the repairs and replacement of other roofing materials.

Metal roofing is always going to be a more durable and sustainable option than asphalt, clay, or wood roofing. We provide nothing but the best for our customers, because there isn’t any other material which can match the advantages and benefits of metal roofing. With metal roofing, a home will naturally have a lower life cycle cost and we back that up with a lifetime warranty on our products and workmanship. Metal roofs are as quiet as many other roofing materials, while staying insulated in the winter and reducing heat transmission in the summer.

Homeowners will also have a choice between different roofing materials, styles, and stone coating finishes to maintain the beauty of a home while creating a clean look. Metal roofing warranties are also transferable between home owners and are non-prorated.

Commercial Metal Roofing

Commercial building owners look to metal roofing when they want a long lasting roof that’s sustainable and protects against various weather and climates. Although many of our previous projects have been residential, we provide expert solutions for commercial metal roofing as well. Whether you are in the market for metal or steel roofing, our roofing contractors will provide you with a high performance, maintenance free roof that is light weight and fire-safe. This means that our products will not rust and will be free from mildew, moss and fungus. Building owners will see an increase in energy efficiency with the new prolonged life on the roof.

Our projects have varied from 3,000 to 30,000 square feet with custom sizing to cater to different finishes and styles. Various factors can be considered when handling delicate roofs or non-metal roofs. Vassa Metal Roofing will take into consideration all the different needs and preferences with our customers and guide them to their ideal roofing profiles.